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If they hear you, they’ll eat your brains!

The Zombie Apocalypse has happened and hoardes of the walking dead are aimlessly moving about. Searching for any means of escape you can find, it dawns on you….you have the most sought after SCUBA certification in the world, you are a certified Zombie Apocalypse Diver!

As they stagger nearer and nearer to you, you dare not make a sound. You want to scream, but that would just alert the undead to your location. If only there was a way to communicate without your voice revealing your whereabouts…

You think fast and remember the sign language you learned in case the end was near. Z-Signs! You quickly pull out your Z-Signs reference card and use the signs to communicate silently to your buddies:

“Zombie eat brains! You hide!” you sign.

Your buddy signs, “Escape down! Boat near.”

“Follow me. Infection dangerous!” you reply.

That was a close call!

You made it out this time, but some of your buddies weren’t so lucky. If only they had taken the Zombie Apocalypse Diver specialty and learned some Z-Signs from SeaSigns Silent Communication!

Spread the word and help prepare the others! Take a class and learn Z-Signs, plus get the Z-Signs reference card.

Just don’t let them eat your brains… or hands!